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HyperGV - hypertext front-end to GhostScript.

Current version 0.1

HyperGV is a hypertext front-end to GhostScript - a replacement to GV or GhostView, running on the http server as a CGI script. It converts PostScript and PDF files residing on the server into a number of formats undestandable to web browser. Conversion is made on-the-fly, page-by-page. HyperGV is built around GhostScript and makes use of PSSELECT from PSutils package.

Output graphics is available in any output format, supported by GhostScript. The most interesting for common use are GIF, JPEG and PNG. There are no problems with JPEG in GhostScript, but in common case GIF and PNG are more compact for PostScript presentation. PNG has full support in GhostScript, but in common case web browsers don't undestand it. As for GIF, it's no longer supported by GhostScript. To my mind there are two ways to solve this problem: simple - to use JPEG, and perfect - to get "gifmono" and "gif8" drivers from older versions of GhostScript and rebuild it. GIF drivers to GhostScript are available from GNU ghostscript-2.5.2 distribution - "gdevgif.c" (GUNZIP and VMSTAR are needed to unpack it). The recommendation of GhostScript team to make PPM and use NETPBM for conversion to GIF is not taken in consideration - it's very unelegant.

Other GhostScript raster output formats are also available.

PostScript and PDF outputs from GhostScript are available too. In addition the source PostScript is available - the whole file and as separate pages.

Two supported output formats are non-standard for GhostScript - TXT and HTML. TXT is a result of simple text extraction from PostScript source. In basic GhostScript distribution this feature is available as a separate PostScript program (ps2ascii.ps), but it causes many problems, so use of PSTOTEXT is recommended. HTML is generated from the resultant TXT. HyperGV has a stub, prepending and appending some HTML tags to TXT to make it look like a <PRE>formatted text, but the results of ASCTOHTM looks more fine and it's use is recommended.

As for input formats, PDF to PostScript conversion is available with basic GhostScript distribution, but it causes some problems too, so use of PDFTOPS from XPDF package is recommended (PDFTOPS requires GZIP).

HyperGV is written in DCL, so no compile or link is needed, but it's only for OpenVMS.

HyperGV requires VAX or AXP hardware, OpenVMS operating system, WASD http server, GhostScript and PSutils.

The use of some optional software is recommended - PDFTOPS from XPDF with GZIP, PSTOTEXT and ASCTOHTM.

Before using HyperGV take a look in the configuration section of HYPERGV.COM and edit it according to Your configuration (comments included).

Demonstration is available at http://www.S-and-B.ru/HyperGV/en/download/HyperGV/demo.ps?FRAME=*

This software is distributed as-is, without any warranty.

You can download HyperGV from





OpenVMS - WASD ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru

Unpacking the distribution requires UNZIP.