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UnIO - multiplatform input/output/network library and services for industrial automatics.

UnIO is low-level multiplatform uniform input/output library for data transfer in industrial automatis. Library consists of a number of drivers, supporting various types of data transfer channels, protocols and framing methods. All drivers have the same main i/o calls such as read, write and close. Channel, protocol and framing drivers may be chained in any order and any combination without limitations.

The second idea of UnIO is to use various data links for relyable sequenced datagram transfer with low traffic overhead. It is important for networking in industrial automatics, using raw data channels such as TCP/IP connections, unrelyable datagram protocols such as UDP/IP, or both such as RS-232 serial ports.

Platforms supported - OpenVMS (AXP and VAX), Linux (AXP and x86), WindowsNT (AXP and x86), Windows95/98 (x86).

Data transfer channels supported - serial communication ports, TCP/IP, UDP/IP.

Virtulal drivers - null, loopback, asynch.

Framing methods supported - fixed lenght, variable lenght, streamCR, streamLF, streamCRLF.

Protocols supported - TELNET, FTP, HTTP, SYSLOG.

Some new protocols are added - TANC for relyability of datagram protocols, STREPAC for framing raw channels.

UnIO is a freeware open source software.

UnIO requires AXP, VAX or x86 hardware and OpenVMS, Linux or Windows operating system with threads and TCP/IP software. Building from source requires C compiler.

Please, send Your comments and bug reports to UnIO@S-and-B.ru

This software is distributed as-is, without any warranty.

You can download UnIO sources and precompiled binaries from





sources ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
OpenVMS - AXP ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
OpenVMS - VAX ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
Linux - AXP ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
Linux - x86 ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
Windows - AXP ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru
Windows - x86 ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru

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Unpacking the distribution requires UNZIP.