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HyperDiG - internet domain browsing script (WWW - DNS gateway).

Current version 2.1A

HyperDiG is a WWW to Internet domain name services (DNS) gateway. It makes host browsing in the Internet domain and services browsing at the selected host available to client web browsers.

HyperDiG is a freeware open source CGI script, running under http server. It is based on DiG 2.0 code, written by Steve Hotz (VMS port by Andy Harper) and uses freeware code from Berkeley BIND 4.8.

HyperDiG requires VAX or AXP hardware, OpenVMS operating system, UCX or TCPware or MultiNet TCP/IP software and WASD or OSU or CERN http server. Building from source requires C compiler (VAXC or DECC).

Demonstration is available at http://www.S-and-B.ru/HyperDiG?

For more information see online help and main help library.

This software is distributed as-is, without any warranty.

You can download HyperDiG sources and precompiled binaries from





OpenVMS - UCX - WASD ftp.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru www.S-and-B.ru

Downloads are also available from WASD download page.

Unpacking the distribution requires UNZIP.